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Become an Ethernodes Operator by staking with us. Welcome to EthernodesV2 



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Total ETH distributed

Revenue sharing 

5.Token Airdrops incentives

4.Liquid Staking protocol operators

3.Liquid Staking protocol operators by collateral

2.Execution Rewards

1.Consensus Rewards

Revenue sharing 

We adapt to your needs

Institutional investment

If you’re an institutional or professional investor that wants to take the most out of your Ethereum position, EthernodesV2 is for you. Just deposit (KYC/KYB required) and join a top experience. 

We can provide you with an operator infrastructure just for you, using the protocols & services you need. Or you can just join the common pool. Whatever works for you, we’ve got you covered! Contact us or join the whitelist for v2 for our team to contact you!

DeFi aggregator Platforms

If you’re a platform offering staking yields to you customers, is for you! We connect with your platform via API. Once your customer funds are received into our SmartContracts, our backend automatically assigns a single account for each deposit and process all is needed: from reward distribution to each wallet / deposit to withdraw requests at any time.

Contact us or join the whitelist for v2 for our team to contact you! We’d love to hear about you and how to integrate our product.


We leverage our experience and volume managed to access all Ethereum staking yields. And we share them all with you and your customers.

By using Ethernodes V2, you become an Operator yourself. But don’t worry. We manage everything. You focus on your core business while we take care of the technical and tricky stuff.


Ethernodes v1 is totally auditable. Every customer can access the validator nodes, hot wallets and cold wallets, to reconcile the funds being held. At any time.

With v2, a set of SmartContracts will manage funds allocation on Liquid Staking protocols & Validator deployments

Tech we use

We’re so much in DVT! Distributed Validator Technology allows us to optimize and secure validators. We’re running testnets on Obol, SSV and Diva. V2 will leverage DVT tech to get the real yield!

See here our testnet addresses as operators: